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Looking for Cannabis Near Me Toronto? We provide safe, vetted retail cannabis in Canada.

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Fantastic Quality 100% Legal Cannabis

Since Cannabis was legalized several years ago, our store has made consistent headlines as one of the #1 providers of Toronto cannabis in the region. Our staff members take extra care and invest an incredible amount of time and energy into your experience that - in all honesty - you simply aren't able to find anywhere else. At our Toronto cannabis location, everything we do is for you.

  • Your Premier Provider of Toronto Cannabis

    When we created our Toronto dispensary, we poured every ounce of our love & passion for the wonderful spiritual and cultural experience that is cannabis. We wanted to do things the right way - and by abiding by federal, provincial, and municipal guidelines, we've been able to accomplish that goal consistently for the last three years.

  • A Wide Variety of Cannabis & Cannabis-Related Accessories

    Love cannabis, but getting bored of the classic joint or vaporizer? No problem! We carry a number of different cannabis-related products to suit your needs! For example, many of our customers prefer oils or tinctures instead of the traditional, smoke-based ingestion method. We also carry edibles & merchandise.

Saving You Time & Money

It's 2021 - the modern age - and not very many people have the time to indulge in going to several stores for their cannabis and smoking-related accessories. That's why we do everything in our power to be your one-stop-shop for all cannabis and smoke related needs. Many of our locations offer grinders, vapes, glassware, and more!

  • A Beautiful, Fragrant In-Store Experience

    We take pride in the interior of our Toronto cannabis facility, and have invested significant time and capital into making it welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and an optimized cannabis shopping experience. Our goal has always been to be the #1 source for Toronto marijuana, and we know that appearances matter.

  • Not From Toronto? No Problem!

    Many people travel into Toronto for tourism or in preparation for moving to our beautiful city. And lucky you! Thanks to Canadian federal cannabis regulations, you don't actually have to permanently reside in Canada in order to purchase cannabis from our location. Your only requirement is government-issued, 19+ ID - so long as that's taken care of, shop away!

It's an honor to be placed next to CNM's 800+ quality & vetted cannabis retailers.

Tomas Redwood

CEO, GoodWeed Ltd.

Our philosophy

We're your one-stop-shop for cannabis retailers & cannabis stores in Canada

A Canadian-Owned Cannabis Company

A surprisingly large number of our customers don't actually live in Canada - they coming from another country where cannabis is not legal, you will be amazed by the diversity of products we have. We source our products from over fifty of the top licensed producers around Canada. If you have only ever bought from a dealer before, you will be flabbergasted by the huge selection of products we have in store. Whether you’re looking for high CBD products, strong THC products, or a mix of both CBD and THC, we have it here at Toronto’s #1 source for cannabis near me.

Great Customer Service Every Time

At Toronto Cannabis Near Me, our commitment to every customer is fantastic service. We know deep down that a great cannabis experience begins with a great service experience, and our knowledgeable Toronto cannabis experts help inform, educate, and efficiently provide you the product that you are looking for. In addition, you're not just a customer to us - you're a friend, a student, and (in some cases) a mentor! We learn & grow from all of our clients - so why not give us a helping hand by coming down to our Toronto cannabis location?

Many Ways To Play

In 2021, there is no longer just one way to partake in cannabis. Over the last several years, cannabis-related technologies have evolved the point where we now have a variety of methods (of different potencies) to consume cannabis, from smoking, to eating, to skin applications, to drinking. If you're not a big fan of smoking cannabis, don't worry - there's something at our Toronto cannabis store for everyone!

Friendly, Helpful Staff

Our Toronto marijuana experts have dozens of years of experience with cannabis culture, and are more than happy to walk through both newbies and veterans alike on our journey towards greater cannabis awareness & better respect for our favorite mystical & miraculous plant. Have a question that Google just can't answer? Ask one of our helpful, friendly staff members today and we'll do our best to answer within minutes.

Affordable Cannabis For People On A Budget

In 2021, it's important that every successful cannabis retailer in Toronto offer a variety of prices to suit customers at each level of the budget ladder. We've done our best to create a diverse, varied product selection that remains affordable and honest, and our commitment to a great customer service experience means that our refund policies are generous and our satisfaction guarantees help you stay comfortable & relaxed in purchasing cannabis.

We Believe In Cannabis Culture

To put it bluntly, we're in love with Toronto's cannabis culture. Cannabis has matured from its original designation as a 'good time' half a century ago, into a cultural meme that brings together people of all races, colors, and creeds. Cannabis culture preaches principles like acceptance, peace, togetherness, love, and hope - and we believe that's a culture worth spreading.

Part of the Cannabis Near Me™ network

We take cannabis seriously, and so do the many other marijuana shops and dispensaries in our network. If you're looking for great quality cannabis, regardless of where you are in Canada, we can help you find a vetted, licensed cannabis retailer in your area.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy legal Toronto cannabis?

Luckily, all you need to do to purchase marijuana at our store is to 1) present government-issued identification, and 2) be above the legal provincial minimum age for cannabis consumption. So long as you do both of those tasks, you can purchase cannabis with no added hassle from private retailers like us. Isn't Canada great?

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee for your cannabis?

It's important to us that our clients are satisfied with the quality of our products, since that improves the likelihood of customer retention and makes it more likely that you'll share our Toronto dispensary with your friends and family. For those reasons, we offer a strong product satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy with one of our products, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Why choose Toronto Cannabis Near Me™?

Simply put, our passion for cannabis is the lifeblood of our business. All of our staff and owners have years of experience working with and experiencing cannabis and cannabis culture, and we put our best foot forward each and every day to serve you like we'd serve one of our family.

Can I buy alcohol, other drugs, or tobacco products too?

At the moment, our Toronto dispensary carries only cannabis products and cannabis-related accessories, like joints, oils, tinctures, grinders, rolling papers, and more. If you'd like to purchase something like alcohol, you'll need to go to a private or government-owned liquor store, as they have different regulations on what they can carry legally.

How low are your prices?

Our goal as the #1 Toronto cannabis store is to provide you with an exceptional product, great customer service, and a budget-friendly shopping experience. We've taken special care to stock and price our Toronto weed store at numbers that are affordable and reasonable for the vast majority of our customers.

Can I visit your online store?

Because of current Canadian cannabis regulation, we do not have an online store where you can purchase cannabis straight to your door. Legally speaking, you're only allowed to buy cannabis online from government-run facilities - but don't let that stop you from getting a full, fragrant experience in-store at our Toronto cannabis location.

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